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He drew these new troops in part from the forces that had already unified Terra during the Unification Wars of the late 30th Millennium, from willing Terran volunteers like those who comprised the XVIth Space Marine Legion who were implanted with the gene-seed of their missing Primarch Horus like all the Astartes of the First Founding. These recruits were also drawn in part from the Emperor’s subjugated enemies, and together they represented the first generation of Space Marines. Perpetual conflict and the harshness of life on the desolate margins of Terran society had given these people the hard edge of ruthlessness and independence that would serve a Space Marine well. The XVIth Legion made war with abrasive aggression. Perhaps through the influence of their genetic heritage or the use the Emperor put them to, the Space Marines of the XVIth Legion became synonymous with sudden and overwhelming shock assaults. To the XVIth Legion fell the swift prosecution of battle and the bloody termination of campaigns. Their attacks were preemptive as often as they were part of an existing conflict, their forces either the first deadly threat unleashed by the Imperium or preserved to enact a final, killing blow. The First Pacification of Luna was perhaps the most famous of these early victories for the XVIth Legion, but the breaking of the Coriolis Enclaves and the Five Winter left scars in the collective consciousness of Terran society that persist even now. They would come out of the night or in the dawn, carried in the holds of Stormbirds and Storm Eagles , flanked by squadrons of escorting Lightning Crows.

Sky Sports televised matches: Championship fixtures coming up on TV

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Optional Force Organization Charts. There are several optional Force Org charts that you can use an alternative to the regular one. Before the new Rulebook these required either your opponent’s permission to use or be made available by a particular mission.

The Black Legion, at that time still known as the Sons of Horus, became the primary instrument of its Primarch , the Warmaster Horus , to overthrow the Emperor of Mankind and seize control of the Imperium in the name of Chaos. Such are the crimes of the Black Legion that it is easy to forget that the past was very different, and that there was a time when its Astartes and their perfidious master Horus were lauded above all of the other warriors of the Legiones Astartes , and were considered the most favoured servants of the Emperor of Mankind.

Before the dark days of the Horus Heresy they fought at the Emperor’s side on Terra and through the early years of the Great Crusade. They were as stalwart and indefatigable as any of the servants of the Emperor and their actions exemplified what it meant to be a warrior of the Space Marine Legions. Brutal, ruthless and unwavering but also honourable, and once loyal beyond question, the history of the Black Legion is the history of the ambition of the Imperium itself, and the flaws that broke its founder’s dreams of unification and glory for all Mankind asunder.

The Black Legion is now one of the Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines who are united in the pursuit of the single purpose of overthrowing the Imperium. They oppose the infighting that consumes so many of their brethren amongst the other Traitor Legions, for the Astartes of the Black Legion are the greatest servants of Chaos Undivided.

They are always brought together in great numbers to work the will of their Warmaster of Chaos, Abaddon the Despoiler , the heir of Horus. Whenever the entirety of the Black Legion is called to battle, it marks the beginning of another one of Abaddon’s Black Crusades against the Imperium of Man. In honour of Horus’ great achievements during the latter years of that era after the Imperial victory over the Orks during the Ullanor Crusade , the Emperor suggested that the Legion be renamed the Sons of Horus.

Horus eventually instituted this change following his conversion to the service of the Dark Gods of Chaos on the world of Davin. The new name was chosen after the Astartes of the Sons of Horus painted their Power Armour black in grief at the death of their Primarch Horus and shame at their failure to overthrow the False Emperor and seize control of the galaxy in the name of the Ruinous Powers.

Duckens Nazon issues goodbye message to Coventry City fans after Wolves return

Cow moose Moose calf After expanding for most of the 20th century, the moose population of North America has been in steep decline since the s. Populations expanded greatly with improved habitat and protection, but for unknown reasons, the moose population is declining rapidly. This massive range, containing diverse habitats, contains four of the six North American subspecies.

In the West, moose populations extend well north into Canada British Columbia and Alberta , and more isolated groups have been verified as far south as the mountains of Utah and Colorado and as far west as the Lake Wenatchee area of the Washington Cascades. In northeastern North America, the Eastern moose ‘s history is very well documented:

Sport > More Sports > Rugby League Catalans stun Warrington in Challenge Cup final to make history as first non-British title winners. Catalans Dragons Warrington Wolves: The French club.

Ecological impact of the dingo after its arrival in Mainland Australia The thylacine is likely to have become near-extinct in mainland Australia about 2, years ago, and possibly earlier in New Guinea. Doubts exist over the impact of the dingo since the two species would not have been in direct competition with one another as the dingo hunts primarily during the day , whereas it is thought that the thylacine hunted mostly at night.

In addition, the thylacine had a more powerful build, which would have given it an advantage in one-on-one encounters. The thylacine was also much less versatile in diet than the omnivorous dingo. The adoption of the dingo as a hunting companion by the indigenous peoples would have put the thylacine under increased pressure. The results show that the humans were obviously one of the major factors in the extinction of many species in Australia.

The results indicated that the last of the thylacines in Australia, on top of the threats from dingoes, had limited genetic diversity, due to their complete geographic isolation from mainland Australia. The paper documented the obviously competitive relationship between the dingo, the thylacine and the Tasmanian devil, and noted that the dingo may have actually fed on the native hen.

Yet, the paper concludes, people ignore the emergence of humans on the continent among all of this. In the end, the competitiveness of the dingo and thylacine populations led to the extinctions of the thylacine, but the arrival of the humans only further exacerbated this.

Black Legion

Do you want to go back to the glory days when the Emperor wasn’t bound to the Golden Throne? When even the smallest legion was the size of eighty or more chapters? When men were real men, women were real women, and eight-foot warrior monks were real eight-foot warrior monks atheists? Do you want to collect re-built, revamped Rogue Trader models?

Everton pre-season – Blues and Silva still looking for positive change ahead of the opener against Wolves. Follow the ECHO’s diary of the summer as we chart the start of the Silva era.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email “We have to be honest,” said an accepting Steve Bruce, resignation written across his face. Bruce had just spent plus minutes watching his expensively assembled Aston Villa side pulled here, there and everywhere by their West Midlands rivals. In what had been termed a battle of experience vs youth, of tried and trusted Premier League quality vs Portuguese flair and promise, the Championship’s form side had no answer to it’s title favourites. Bruce had answered criticism over his Villa Park reign early in the campaign with 14 points from the last six games, unbeaten in eight and rising up the league.

Bruce saw his Villa side dominated by Wolves Image: But what an early-evening kick off at Molineux showed was that his side are still deeply flawed. Slow, too linear and lacking imagination, they created little, failing to trouble John Ruddy’s goal, bar a Robert Snodgrass free-kick that clipped the top of the crossbar as the game edged towards injury time.


Have the wolves lost their fear of humans? The scene is like something out of a horror film. As the long winter nights draw in and the first howls are heard in the distance, it must be absolutely terrifying.

Leeds United, Cardiff City and Aston Villa are among the Championship sides to feature on Sky television in the coming weeks. Derby County and Sunderland are also among those who will be on the box.

Could be criticised for parrying a second half shot to a Wolves shirt which allowed the hosts to flood forward and level. Lee Peltier 7 Tested by Wolves’ fluid front three who tried to manipulate him out of position, but made a couple of well-timed challenges and interceptions to keep it tight. Morrison wears the armband but Bamba commands the penalty area and marshals the back four. Not always the prettiest to watch but very effective in this one.

Cardiff City captain Sean Morrison Image: Huw Evans Picture Agency Jazz Richards 6 Might have closed down Jota a little more in the lead-up to Wolves’ leveller but otherwise tidy, still playing out of position in the absence of the injured Joe Bennett. Aron Gunnarsson 7 Played a vital role in the Ralls’ goal by winning the ball back and calmly feeding Hoilett for the attack.

Norwich City transfer rumours: Wolves track Nelson Oliveira

There’s only a week on the training ground left for Everton to prepare for the real stuff. The friendly games have flown by in double quick time. Pre-season has seen the Blues travel around Europe, score 26 goals 22 in one match , concede 12, use 29 different players, sign some new ones and allow others to leave. A handful have impressed, plenty of others haven’t.

Everton news and transfers RECAP – Blues ‘reject’ Lookman offer, Mina’s agent talks, Wolves game on TV. All the latest news, transfers, opinion from Goodison Park.

I slept outside under a pile of quilts and watched Venus rise through the teeth of the Crazies, trailing the moon. I followed the river up into the mountains where it stays clear and cold before the ranchers take it – diverting what they need and generally more, to water crops and livestock – and I caught improbably large Cutthroat trout in small water, in gravel bends that gave way to freestone, and then wide slabs of rock cut into tall cliffs.

Heywood, the only member of the band who has ever missed lobby call, managed to rise in the dark before anyone and leave on day-long rambles, summitting three peaks in the Bridgers, and coming back sunburned and happy with a handful of mountain goat wool for my daughter. There were ravens and eagles, hawks, kites, cranes and owls every day, and the silence was so massive that sometimes the wing beats would startle me before I saw anything, a sound like a bellows over my head.

I drove the ranch roads and lifted one finger off the steering wheel at the passing trucks, imitating their finely calibrated greeting, the combination of nonchalance and courtliness, if not exactly approval. I tried to let the quiet build up in me, and penetrate as far as it would go. August is going to be one of those months.

Another-Date: Speed Dating Night At Wolves Cafe — Bachelor #4

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