Shore doctor James Kauffman charged in 2012 murder of his wife April Kauffman

Shore doctor James Kauffman charged in 2012 murder of his wife April Kauffman

The dramatic developments, announced at a 4 p. He is already being held in the Atlantic County jail on weapons charges after brandishing a gun in June when authorities executed an early morning search warrant at his popular Egg Harbor Township medical practice. Tyner said he died of a drug overdose in October Augello was also charged with trying to kill James Kauffman, Tyner said. Both Augello and Kauffman were charged with racketeering, along with six others, in connection with the alleged scheme. James Kauffman, arrested for Pagan gang-related murder for hire of Shore radio host April Kauffman. I think for the first time, today I can actually breathe. Despite the unrelenting gossip about the case, the details laid out Tuesday placed the crime in a dramatic new context. Tyner announces the charging of endocrinologist James Kauffman with the death of his wife, radio personality April Kauffman.

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The thing that makes a good detective is a good snitch. He has also testified against PMC members. Now he lives in Florida. In , a member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club, another outlaw motorcycle gang from the area, was killed in the parking lot of that bar. Mullholland allegedly shot Kauffman twice on May 10, , killing her.

pagan dating site canada. Wicca english w k, also termed pagan witchcraft, is a contemporary pagan new religious was developed in england during the first half of the 20th century and was introduced to the public in by gerald gardner, a retired british civil draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and 20th-century hermetic motifs for its theological structure.

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Ituren Carnival, ancient pagan festival – in pictures

It’s often assumed that chaplaincy is a provision for Christians. But prisons are also catering to smaller faiths – including paganism. The job description for the post asks for someone with experience in the pagan tradition to “act as faith advisor in the establishment providing advice, pastoral care and spiritual welfare to prisoners, staff and their families as requested”.

The chaplains will be expected to ” provide for the religious care of prisoners and staff in the Pagan faith tradition “, the adverts, posted on the Government website, says. The incumbent must also “possess the confidence and expertise to lead open ritual, officiate in Rites of Passage, and run workshops for mixed Pagan traditions within the prison system. At least one of the roles is for a replacement chaplain and they are understood to be part of a longstanding policy to cater for pagan prisoners.

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April 7, This was not the basis for Jesus Christ. The movie spent over 30 minutes attacking the Bible and the Christian faith and specifically the idea that the story of Jesus Christ in the Gospels is nothing more than a copy of the story of the Egyptian God Horus, Mithras and other pagan gods. This article will show that not only are these claims incorrect and lack any substantive evidence, but that they are part of a greater spiritual agenda that Dan Brown, the Zeitgeist film and others have in common.

Was Jesus a Copy of Horus? The Egyptian God Horus. The Zeitgeist film makes a number of wild statements about Horus to attempt to prove that Jesus is a copy.

Colonel Archie Pagan

Saturnalia, the most popular holiday on the ancient Roman calendar, derived from older farming-related rituals of midwinter and the winter solstice , especially the practice of offering gifts or sacrifices to the gods during the winter sowing season. The pagan celebration of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture and time, began as a single day, but by the late Republic B. On the Julian calendar, which the Romans used at the time, the winter solstice fell on December Schools and courts of law closed, and the normal social patterns were suspended.

People decorated their homes with wreaths and other greenery, and shed their traditional togas in favor of colorful clothes known as synthesis.

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History[ edit ] This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. September In ancient Greek thought[ edit ] Heraclitus proclaimed that the basic nature of all things is change. The quotation from Heraclitus appears in Plato ‘s Cratylus twice; in d as: The fundamental “stuff” of the world is not material substance, but volatile flux, namely “fire”, and all things are versions thereof puros tropai.

Everything is a matter of process, of activity, of change panta rhei. Twentieth century[ edit ] In early twentieth century, the philosophy of mathematics was undertaken to develop mathematics as an airtight, axiomatic system in which every truth could be derived logically from a set of axioms. In the foundations of mathematics , this project is variously understood as logicism or as part of the formalist program of David Hilbert.

Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell attempted to complete, or at least facilitate, this program with their seminal book Principia Mathematica , which purported to build a logically consistent set theory on which to found mathematics. After this, Whitehead extended his interest to natural science, which he held needed a deeper philosophical basis. He intuited that natural science was struggling to overcome a traditional ontology of timeless material substances that does not suit natural phenomena.

Process philosophy

You’ve probably guessed that we want you to have the best Halloween ever , but why stick to modern-day, store-bought costumes and candy? This year, consider looking back in time to the traditions of Samhain sow-en , the Wiccan and Pagan holiday from which Halloween gets its spooky roots. There’s no better time to stop and consider death than when the seasons change, harvests come to a close, and the nights start earlier.

The night begins with a “dumb supper” — a dinner eaten in total silence. If you’re new to Wiccan practices, this might be the toughest Samhain tradition to get comfortable with. But it’s only when you stop talking that the dead can start communicating; remaining silent will heighten your sense of the energy around you and allow any spirits close to you a chance to make contact.

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Everyone has heard of Harry Potter. You may even know a few Wiccans who worship “the goddess. What is the real significance of the growing interest in witchcraft, wizards and neopaganism?

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